On December 28, 2017 Fire Chief Barry Johnstone received $15,000 from Cody Kohlman, coordinator of Enbridge Inc. maintenance out of Hardisty. The donation was put toward a multi-platform camera. This donation is part of the Enbridge “Safe Community” program for towns along the company’s project corridor rights of way. This program awards grants to local first response emergency services including fire fighters and rescue services in rural communities across North America. The Enbridge Safe Community program has existed in the USA since 2002 and in Canada since 2009 and has invested about 10.7 million in North American emergency responder organizations since its inception.

Enbridge reports that the money from its program is intended to be used to purchase safety equipment, obtain professional training, or deliver educational programs to help save lives and keep Enbridge’s right-of-way communities safe.

Enbridge has previously given money to the Provost Fire & Rescue to support the departments flash over building, self-contained breathing apparatus bottles, jaws and cutters.

Enbridge is recently working in the Provost area and has been since early August 2017 to work on its massive $7.5 billion Line 3 replacement pipeline construction project which is the largest project in Enbridge history. The line is being built from Hardisty to Superior Wisconsin and will have an initial annual average capacity of approximately 760,000 barrels of oil per day.


The Provost Public School Student Leadership and Advisory Council (SLAC) are announcing their plans for a Talent Show for the Town of Provost. This show will be based upon the popular TV show – “America’s Got Talent”. They will be hosting 3 nights of semi-final competitions and one night for the finale where all the finalists from each category will compete for the $1000 Grand Prize. The hope is to make this an annual event.

Contestants will have the opportunity to perform in one of the following categories: Music (Instruments & Voice), Performance Arts (Dance Theatre) and Random (Comedy, magic, juggling et.) Participants will need to perform an audition (1-2 minutes depending); successful auditions will be invited to participate in the semi-final show. The top talents each category will then be invited to perform in the finale for a change to win the grand prize.


Anyone wishing to participate as a vendor or volunteer for the 2018 Town of Provost Agri-Day & Trade show please get in touch with the Economic Development Officer, Gary Duffett, at 780-753-2261 Ext 4 and book your booth. Friday April 6, 2018 is the date planned for this years show. To register drop by or call the town and we will arrange to get you a registration package. The Provost Farmers Market will also be in our show again this year as it appears to be another big hit. The “MAN VAN” will also be here so if you want to get tested be there between 12and 3 pm.


Each year we receive complaints regarding stray cats, skunks, magpies and crows. Most of these complaints found that garbage had been left on the ground and not in a proper receptacles or bins and therefore the animals successfully ripped open the garbage. This will cause the pests to return to these places for more food. It is respectfully requested that if you do not have a proper garbage bin, to hold off putting it out until the day it is picked up. Cats, skunks, magpies and crows are hungry and to leave a bag full of garbage (or food in their cases) will only result in problems. Please do not leave your garbage unless it is inside a proper bin or receptacle.

Sec. 4.3 of the Utility Bylaw 07/2016 States : Householders shall place garbage in plastic bags or garbage cans and in a garbage enclosure that will prevent the breakage of same or scavenging of animals. Failing to do so could result in a fine of $250 and any subsequent offence $500.


The Town of Provost Bylaw 06/2015 states:

6.1      No Person shall place, abandon, throw or deposit any object, Debris, Ice, Snow or substance on any street, highway or public place in the Town whereby such object may cause danger, damage or inconveniences to Pedestrians or vehicles using the streets, highways or public place. The costs of and expenses of any removal which the Town may incur shall be invoiced to the owner, as determined, who left the debris, ice, snow or substance. Should the owner not pay the Town for these services they may be charged to the tax roll of the property owner to be recovered in a like manner as with other taxes.

6.30    Within a period of forty-eight (48) hours after the end of a rainfall or snowfall that has left the streets covered with snow or ice, the Owner of every business premises, vacant business premises and residential property abutting a Town sidewalk, shall remove snow or ice and take reasonable measures to make the portion of the public sidewalk on the front and flank of his property safe for Pedestrians. The foregoing shall not be construed to relieve Pedestrians from duty of due care.

6.31    When an Officer considers that an Owner of a business or residence premises has failed to meet the requirements of Section 6.30 hereto, then the Owner shall be advised that failing immediate improvement of the sidewalk condition, the Town may use it’s own employees or hire a contractor to remediate the situation and will charge the cost thereof to the Owner of the abutting property. Should the Property Owner not pay the Town for these services they may be charged to the tax roll of the Property Owner to be recovered in like manner as with other taxes

6.33    Every occupant, and in case there is no occupant, the Owner of every house, shop, building, church or chapel, abutting on or erected within ten feet of any street, sidewalk, lane, alley or Public Place shall whenever snow or ice shall accumulate on the roof or eaves of such building, to an extent that it shall be dangerous to Persons passing, cause the same to be removed at once, and every Person while removing the same shall take due and proper care and precaution for the warning and safety of Persons passing.

6.34    No Person shall cause any injury to any sidewalk in the Town by striking, picking or cutting the same with any shovel, pick, crow-bar or other metal instrument, whether such Person is engaged in removing snow or ice from the sidewalk or not.

The bylaw enforcement officer will no longer issue notices to those who refuse to clear the snow from the sidewalks, instead you will receive a violation ticket for $100 for the first offence and $250 for every subsequent offence.  


The Town of Provost would like to remind all residents, home owners & businesses of the Unsightly Premises By-Law 04/2006 Section 3 which states “A Nuisance is any condition on or around Property that is untidy, unsightly, offensive, dangerous to health or which interferes with the use or enjoyment of other Property, and includes  3(a)“uncut grass or weeds on the property that are longer than 10cm”, 3(c)any litter, 3(d) smelly composts heaps, 3(e) any material that creates unpleasant odors, 3(g) wrecked or dismantled vehicles, or those that are unsightly and abandoned, unregistered or uninsured, 3(h) household furniture or other household goods, 3(i) automobile parts, 3(j) any material likely to attract pests, 3(l) any other materials, including building materials, tires, boxes, machines or machine parts.

The by-law enforcement officer will be taking closer notice of premises that are unsightly. You will be receiving violation tickets for failing to cut your grass and or get rid of your weeds and if you are not cleaning up your property. This includes your back alleys and back yards. Please pay particular attention to the way your property looks. Failing to do so will result in a fine of $250 and any subsequent offence $500.

The Town of Provost is very proud to be partners with “Communities in Bloom” and would like to work with everyone in trying to have a beautiful and clean community, clear from weeds and unsightly properties.



Town of Provost Bylaw – 06/2015, Public Places;

Section 6.1 states: No person shall place or leave on or across any part of a Town sidewalk, a cord, cable or hose unless secured in a manner as to not cause a tripping hazard. ($100)

Section 9.1 (h) states: No person shall park any recreational vehicle, attached trailer or holiday trailer (whether designed for occupancy by persons or for the carrying of goods or equipment), on a highway or street for a period not exceeding 48 hours unless said trailer is attached to a vehicle by which it may be propelled or drawn and when so attached, the trailer shall be deemed part of the vehicle and subject to the registrations pertaining to vehicles. ($100)

The provision does not apply to: a construction trailer unattached on a highway or street that is involved with work being done on a work site and the construction trailer is parked directly adjacent to the said work site. The said construction trailer can only be parked on the highway between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.