The Town of Provost Bylaw 06/2015 states:

6.1      No Person shall place, abandon, throw or deposit any object, Debris, Ice, Snow or substance on any street, highway or public place in the Town whereby such object may cause danger, damage or inconveniences to Pedestrians or vehicles using the streets, highways or public place. The costs of and expenses of any removal which the Town may incur shall be invoiced to the owner, as determined, who left the debris, ice, snow or substance. Should the owner not pay the Town for these services they may be charged to the tax roll of the property owner to be recovered in a like manner as with other taxes.

6.30    Within a period of forty-eight (48) hours after the end of a rainfall or snowfall that has left the streets covered with snow or ice, the Owner of every business premises, vacant business premises and residential property abutting a Town sidewalk, shall remove snow or ice and take reasonable measures to make the portion of the public sidewalk on the front and flank of his property safe for Pedestrians. The foregoing shall not be construed to relieve Pedestrians from duty of due care.

6.31    When an Officer considers that an Owner of a business or residence premises has failed to meet the requirements of Section 6.30 hereto, then the Owner shall be advised that failing immediate improvement of the sidewalk condition, the Town may use it’s own employees or hire a contractor to remediate the situation and will charge the cost thereof to the Owner of the abutting property. Should the Property Owner not pay the Town for these services they may be charged to the tax roll of the Property Owner to be recovered in like manner as with other taxes

6.33    Every occupant, and in case there is no occupant, the Owner of every house, shop, building, church or chapel, abutting on or erected within ten feet of any street, sidewalk, lane, alley or Public Place shall whenever snow or ice shall accumulate on the roof or eaves of such building, to an extent that it shall be dangerous to Persons passing, cause the same to be removed at once, and every Person while removing the same shall take due and proper care and precaution for the warning and safety of Persons passing.

6.34    No Person shall cause any injury to any sidewalk in the Town by striking, picking or cutting the same with any shovel, pick, crow-bar or other metal instrument, whether such Person is engaged in removing snow or ice from the sidewalk or not.

The bylaw enforcement officer will no longer issue notices to those who refuse to clear the snow from the sidewalks, instead you will receive a violation ticket for $100 for the first offence and $250 for every subsequent offence.  


If you would like to send our Mayor and or Council members an email you can do so by going to the Council icon at the top of the webpage, scroll down to Citizen Requests and Inquiries. The email must be Town related and not personal, we will not accept RUDE emails from anyone. This is a respectful place to send something to your Council. Maybe a great idea or suggestion. This is not a “RANT & RAVE” site either. All emails will be addressed to Council. We appreciate your comments.




Effective October 1, 2018 the Town of Provost Residential garbage collection and 2019 composting has been contracted to GFL Environmental Inc.

  1. Residential Garbage collection is MOVED to Wednesdays effective October 1, 2018
  2. Garbage must be out by 7:00 AM
  3. A garbage tote/bin will be provided for each household starting the week of October 24
  4. Starting October 24, 2018 garbage must be in tote/bin with lid closed and must be set in the alley with a 3 foot clearance
  5. To reduce/eliminate any odor or to stop garbage from freezing in your bin/tote you may wish to add a ½ cup of lime in the bottom once every two months (also works with compost bin/tote)

For more information please call the Town of Provost Administration Office at 780-753-2261

Just a note of information to residents of Provost. On October 29/30 you will be receiving your new garbage bins / totes from GFL our new contractor. Each one has their own serial number and will be assigned to the residence it is at. Also, as of October 31 we will be going to a front street curbside pickup rather than the back alley.Ensure that your lid is closed and the bin is placed on the curb and visible to the driver. Please be patient with the changes. Last day of compost collection is also on October 31st.