Work has started on the rebuilding of the new water reservoir as of May 8, 2018. We will be asking residents to watch their water usage / consumption. Operating with only one reservoir  means that we may have to restrict usage. If the water storage for drinking and firefighting reduces drastically we will have to restrict use but initially we are asking all residents and businesses to “voluntarily” curb your water usage by cutting back or eliminating all “unnecessary” use. Our bulk water station will be shut down for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. Drinking water will still be available on a case by case basis.

Please refrain from over use especially watering your lawns, flowers etc. If you have water running down your sidewalk you are likely using too much water. Please be advised that if voluntary cutbacks do not work, the Town of Provost will issue and enforce a water restriction program.

The Town also asks that you pay attention when you are driving by the construction area. Watch for the large vehicles that are working there. Please respect the space that has been marked off with the fence. This fence is there for your protection, so that no-one gets hurt or might fall into the hole.

Thank you for your patience, this will only be temporary, it could last until November of this year.