72 Hour Kit

Home Emergency Survival Kit, suitable for Evacuation:
Flashlight and extra batteries
Battery-powered radio and extra batteries
First-aid kit
Candles and matches/lighter
Extra car/house keys and cash (including coins/cards for public telephones)
Important papers (identification for everyone, personal documents)
Food and bottled water
Clothing and footwear (one change of clothes per person)
Blankets and sleeping bags (one blanket or sleeping bag per person)
Toilet paper and other personal supplies
Backpack/duffel bag (or something else to carry the emergency survival kit, in case you have to evacuate)
Whistle (in case you need to attract someone’s attention)
Playing cards, games
Car Emergency Survival Kit:
Sand, salt or kitty litter
Traction mats
Tow chain
Cloth rags or roll of paper towel
Work gloves
Warning light or road flares
Extra clothing and footwear
Emergency food pack
Axe or hatchet
Booster cables
Ice scraper and brush
Road maps
Matches and a “survival” candle in a deep coffee can (to warm hands, heat a drink or use as an emergency light)
Fire extinguisher
Methyl Hydrate or Isopropyl Alcohol (for fuel line and windshield de-icing)
Flashlight with extra batteries
First-aid kit with seatbelt cutter
Blanket (look for special “survival” blankets)
Download the “72 hours… Is Your Family Prepared?” your guide to Emergency Preparedness, produced by Public Safety Canada, in cooperation with Canadian Red Cross.