It is official, the Communities in Bloom judges will be in Provost on August 12, 2021 to judge our community for a possibility of becoming another Provincial Winner. The committee is asking everyone to take special care and attention to yours and your neighbor’s properties and to have it ready for judging. Cut the grass, clean up any unsightly garbage or property that needs attention. Maybe offer help to your neighbor if they need it. Of course there may be some who really don’t care and we do have a way to solve that. We have a bylaw enforcement officer who will attend to those properties and offer them choices, some times of which is not a good one, but we do have alternatives. There are people in town whom you can hire for a decent price and who will help you clean up your property. Please lets make this year a special year and maybe next year we can go National?




The Town of Provost 2021 Assessment/Tax Notices were mailed May 27, 2021.


Anyone wishing to view the Assessment Roll should attend at the Town Office during regular office hours.


Residents please note the final date to submit an assessment appeal is August 3, 2021.


Note taxes are due July 31, 2021, penalties will be applied on August 1, 2021, (4% on current year), October 1, 2021 (5% on current year) and January 1, 2022 (18% on all outstanding taxes).


Please also remember the fee to appeal your assessment is $50.00 per property for property owners and $100.00 per property for agents.



Town of Provost

David Connauton CLGM

Chief Administrative Officer.


Stage 1: Two weeks after 50 per cent of Albertans age 12-plus have received at least one dose of vaccine and hospitalizations are below 800 and declining.

Starting May 28:

  • The capacity limit for worship services increases to 15 per cent of fire code occupancy.

Starting June 1:

  • Outdoor social gatherings, with distancing, increase to up to 10 people.
    • Indoor social gatherings are still not permitted.
  • Outdoor patio dining can resume with a maximum of four people per table.
    • Everyone at the table must be members of the same household or for a person living alone, dining parties are limited to two close contacts.
    • Physical distancing and other restrictions still apply.
  • Outdoor physical, performance and recreational activities are permitted with up to 10 distanced people, for all ages.
  • Retail can increase to 15 per cent of fire code occupancy (must maintain ability to distance).
  • Personal and wellness services can reopen, by appointment only.
  • Wedding ceremonies may have up to 10 people, including the officiant, bride/groom, witnesses and any photographers/videographers. Receptions remain prohibited.
  • Funeral ceremonies may have up to 20 people, not including facility staff, funeral clergy or organizers not considered guests. Receptions remain prohibited.
  • Distancing and masking requirements remain in effect.

Stage 2: Two weeks after 60 per cent of Albertans age 12-plus have received at least one dose of vaccine and hospitalizations are below 500 and declining.

  • Outdoor social gatherings increase to 20 people, with distancing.
  • Wedding ceremonies may occur with up to 20 attendees. Receptions are permitted outdoors only.
  • Funeral ceremonies remain unchanged with up to 20 people permitted, not including facility staff, funeral clergy or organizers not considered guests. Receptions are permitted outdoors only.
  • Restaurants may seat tables with up to six people, indoors or outdoors.
    • Dining parties are no longer restricted to households only.
    • Physical distancing and other restrictions still apply.
  • Retail capacity increases to one-third of fire code occupancy (must maintain ability to distance).
  • Capacity for places of worship increases to one-third of fire code occupancy.
  • Gyms and other indoor fitness open for solo and drop-in activities with three-metre distancing between participants and fitness classes may resume with three-metre distancing.
  • Indoor settings may open with up to one-third of fire code occupancy, including indoor recreation centres. This includes arenas, cinemas, theatres, museums, art galleries and libraries.
  • Indoor and outdoor youth and adult sports resume with no restrictions.
  • Youth activities, such as day camps and play centres, may resume, with restrictions.
  • Personal and wellness services can resume walk-in services.
  • Post-secondary institutions can resume in-person learning.
  • The work-from-home order is lifted but still recommended.
  • Outdoor fixed seating facilities (e.g., grandstands) can open with one-third seated capacity.
  • Public outdoor gatherings increase to 150 people (e.g. concerts/festivals), with restrictions.
  • Distancing and masking requirements remain in effect.

Stage 3: Two weeks after 70 per cent of Albertans age 12-plus have received at least one dose of vaccine.

  • All restrictions are lifted, including the ban on indoor social gatherings.
  • Isolation requirements for confirmed cases of COVID-19 and some protective measures in continuing care settings remain.

Additional details on all restrictions and measures in place will be released prior to each step. Albertans can track the province’s immunization progress on

Provincial COVID-19 transmission will continue to be monitored throughout the reopening. If required, a reopening step may be paused to respond to COVID-19 transmission trends at regional or provincial levels.

Sustained reopening will depend on Albertans getting fully vaccinated with two doses during the summer months to prevent future spread of COVID-19.

Alberta’s government is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by protecting lives and livelihoods with precise measures to bend the curve, sustain small businesses and protect Alberta’s health-care system.



The Town of Provost Coat of Arms

On a Field of green in the form of an orb,(sphere surmounted by a cross symbolizing kingly power and justice), a broad cross saltare white (the saltare is supported by a supporter of the royal arms in Scotland,honoring the original settlers, the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew). Charged at centre with a calumet red (a highly ornamental ceremonial pipe of the American Indians) The Calumet is in honour of the treaty signed at Sounding Lake. Cree Chief Thunderchild signed Treaty #6 at Sounding Lake in August of 1879. Heads of wheat gold, on each side dominates the Town’s coat of arms symbolizing the agricultural history of the community. Crested with the maple leafs red. Subscribed with the scroll red “Town of Provost”. This was passed through Council on the 13th day of November 1974.


Join the 2021 Census team!

Looking to make a lasting contribution to Canada, its communities and its people? Canada’s next census will take place in May 2021. Statistics Canada is hiring approximately 32,000 people across the country to work on the collection phase of the 2021 Census. In the current context of COVID-19, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees at all times.

Available jobs for the 2021 Census include supervisory and non-supervisory positions that require collecting census data from residents in your community, mostly on evenings and weekends. Start and end dates vary by position and location, but are between March and July 2021.

If you’re interested in helping your community to plan for the future, and meeting new people while earning extra income, then this is the right opportunity for you! Apply online on the Census jobs page of the census website.

Date modified:

Canada’s next Census of Population will take place in spring 2021. Statistics Canada will be hiring across the country in every community, big and small, in preparation for the 2021 Census. In the current context of COVID-19, we are committed to hiring locally and ensuring the safety of our employees and your community members at all times.

PR-020-21-B Recruitment poster-EL

FM-139-21-B Recruitment card

FM-021-21-B Recruitment tearaway poster

FM-020-21 Recruitment business card 




A candidates guide running for municipal office in Alberta

Nomination papers 2021 Elections

Take Notice the Nomination Period for  the 2021 Municipal election is now open. The positions up for election are; one Mayor, 6 Councillors, Nomination forms can either be downloaded or picked up at the Town office at 4904 51st Avenue Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We have also added a guide for running for Municipal Office. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate in giving the CAO / Returning Officer a call at 780-753-2261 ext 3.


Local owner of Home Hardware, Rod Larson, was the proud recipient of the “Golden Hammer” award on October 15, 2020 which was given to him by the Retail Sales & Operations Manager for Southern Alberta, Sharmagne Ray. Rod has been in the business for 54 years so not only did he receive the Golden Hammer for 50 years but he also received the “Golden Wrench” for 54 years and he also received a special clock from the National Headquarters of Home Hardware.

Sharmagne pointed out that the Larson Family is the only family that has received three of the Golden Hammers for 150 years of commitment. Rod’s Grandfather and Father both received the award as well. Sharmagne also mentioned that the Larson family played an integral part in getting Home Hardware in Alberta.

Congratulations Rod and thank you for all you have done for the Town of Provost.



Self Isolation means avoiding situations where you could infect other people.

  • What to do

If you need to self-isolate, follow these guidelines:

    • stay home – do not attend work, social events or any other public gatherings
    • avoid close contact with other people – especially seniors and people with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems
    • watch for symptoms in yourself or a family member

Monitor your symptoms

If you have symptoms, like a dry cough, fever, fatigue or difficulty breathing:

    • stay home – do not go to an ER or clinic
    • take the COVID-19 self-assessment to determine next steps and find out if testing is required


Anyone who is feeling ill, even if they have not travelled should stay home and not visit hospitals, long term care facilities or supportive living accommodations. If you just recently returned from outside of the country your should self isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.


Q: What does self-isolation mean? What should I do or not do?

Welcome back to Canada:

While outside of Canada, you may have come in contact with the virus that causes COVID-19. This document should help you with your questions.

If you have any other questions, please visit the website of your local or provincial health authority. If you live here in Alberta, please visit for the latest information.

Q: I just returned from travel. What do I need to do now?

A: For the next 14 days:

You are required to Self-isolate

  • This means staying home and keeping your distance from others;
  • Do not have visitors, especially older adults, or those with medical conditions, who are at a higher risk of developing serious illness;
  • Do not go into stores to buy groceries;


Monitor your health for fever (greater or equal to 38°C) and cough.

If you develop these symptoms, maintain self-isolation and;

    • Visit the provincial or territorial public health website where you are located for more information, including when to contact your public health authority.
    • If you live here in Alberta, visit or call 811.
    • If you require emergency care for shortness of breath, call 911 and inform them you may have COVID19

Q: What else can I do to reduce my chance of illness?

A: Please also be sure to:

    • Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Avoid contact with sick people
    • Cover your mouth with your arm when you cough or sneeze
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly
    • And again: Stay home

If you are staying here in Alberta, please visit for more information.

Q: What does self-isolation mean? What should I do or not do?

A: Self-isolation means

    • Avoiding situations where you could infect other people.
    • This means staying home and not going to any situations where you may come in contact with others, such as social gatherings, work, school, child care, athletic events, university, faith-based gatherings, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and all public gatherings.
    • If you are still travelling, use your vehicle for self-isolation and services that allow for social distancing such purchasing groceries in advance for pickup and purchasing fuel at the pump;
    • You should also not (where possible) use public transportation including buses, taxis, or ride sharing.
    • When you return home use delivery or pick up services for errands such as grocery shopping, and if you absolutely must leave your home for an urgent essential errand, as a precaution to reduce risk of spread, you should wear a surgical mask while you are out. Most grocery stores have pick-up or delivery services available. There may also be organizations in your community that provide meals delivered. Services are also available to have meal kits and recipes delivered to your door.
    • Avoid having visitors to your home. It is okay for friends, family or delivery drivers to drop off food on the doorstep.
    • Avoid sharing household items such as dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels and pillows with other people in your home. Wash after using

During this time, it is important that you monitor your health for symptoms like fever or cough, and contact your local or provincial health authority if you have any concerns.


The Town of Provost Bylaw 06/2015 states:

6.1      No Person shall place, abandon, throw or deposit any object, Debris, Ice, Snow or substance on any street, highway or public place in the Town whereby such object may cause danger, damage or inconveniences to Pedestrians or vehicles using the streets, highways or public place. The costs of and expenses of any removal which the Town may incur shall be invoiced to the owner, as determined, who left the debris, ice, snow or substance. Should the owner not pay the Town for these services they may be charged to the tax roll of the property owner to be recovered in a like manner as with other taxes.

6.30    Within a period of forty-eight (48) hours after the end of a rainfall or snowfall that has left the streets covered with snow or ice, the Owner of every business premises, vacant business premises and residential property abutting a Town sidewalk, shall remove snow or ice and take reasonable measures to make the portion of the public sidewalk on the front and flank of his property safe for Pedestrians. The foregoing shall not be construed to relieve Pedestrians from duty of due care.

6.31    When an Officer considers that an Owner of a business or residence premises has failed to meet the requirements of Section 6.30 hereto, then the Owner shall be advised that failing immediate improvement of the sidewalk condition, the Town may use it’s own employees or hire a contractor to remediate the situation and will charge the cost thereof to the Owner of the abutting property. Should the Property Owner not pay the Town for these services they may be charged to the tax roll of the Property Owner to be recovered in like manner as with other taxes

6.33    Every occupant, and in case there is no occupant, the Owner of every house, shop, building, church or chapel, abutting on or erected within ten feet of any street, sidewalk, lane, alley or Public Place shall whenever snow or ice shall accumulate on the roof or eaves of such building, to an extent that it shall be dangerous to Persons passing, cause the same to be removed at once, and every Person while removing the same shall take due and proper care and precaution for the warning and safety of Persons passing.

6.34    No Person shall cause any injury to any sidewalk in the Town by striking, picking or cutting the same with any shovel, pick, crow-bar or other metal instrument, whether such Person is engaged in removing snow or ice from the sidewalk or not.

The bylaw enforcement officer will no longer issue notices to those who refuse to clear the snow from the sidewalks, instead you will receive a violation ticket for $100 for the first offence and $250 for every subsequent offence.