In January 2015, 18 attendees including members of Town Council, Town staff, Chamber of Commerce, EEOC, FCSS, Economic Development Officer as well as a representative for the MD of Provost attended a “Community Strategic Economic Development Planning Session” facilitated by InnoVisions & Associates of Airdrie.

The two day session focused on the importance of economic development in helping the business community thrive and grow. It included the three pillars of economic development and how they are tied to community sustainability.

The participants developed lists of assets / opportunities that would support long term growth and sustainability of the community. Consideration was given to the following assets; infrastructure, natural resources, people & human resources, legal & regulatory environment, systems, current products and events.

From this list the group came up with a ten top list of opportunity for development;

  1. Business Retention, expansion and investment;
  2. Infrastructure;
  3. Housing;
  4. Recreation facilities utilization;
  5. Medical Cluster and or hub;
  6. Partnerships;
  7. Labour Force ;
  8. Fire Hall’s Training Centre;
  9. Airport utilization;

10 Natural Resources.

After considering the group’s decisions, the Town Council reviewed all 10 of the assets and they came up with the top three (3) priorities

  1. To create a ten year plan to become a centre of excellence in medical services, health and wellness with the focus on enhanced facilities, professional services and products for all to have access to optimum health.(2015-2020)
  1. To develop a Housing plan to increase housing for existing and potential residents. (2015-2020). Consideration in housing for Seniors including the lodge expansion and consideration of new facilities for 50 plus to Seniors, and further consideration for Daycare.
  1. To create a business retention, expansion and investment program that increases business opportunities by 15% from 2015-2017. Consideration to developing a business visitation program, Downtown revitalization and a labour force and business support program.