Police, Fire, Ambulance – Call 911
Six Things to Tell the Operator When You Need Help:

• Who you need – Police, Fire or Ambulance
• Where you need the help (your address)
• What is happening now
• How did it happen
• When did it happen
• Your name

Helpful Hints:
• Teach everyone in your family how to make emergency calls.
• If you accidentally call 911, stay on the line so the operator knows that help is not needed; otherwise, the operator will notify the Police to investigate.
Have the following information by your phone:
• The 911 number
• Your address
• Your phone number
• Directions to your home from the Police Station and Fire Hall
Service Phone Number
Poison Centre 1-800-332-1414
Weather Information (780) 875-7709
Emergency Management Alberta Toll free 310-0000
THEN 780-422-9000
Environmental Accidents 1-800-222-6514
Natural Gas (ATCO) Concerns 1-800-511-3447
Power (FORTIS) Concerns 310-9473
Town of Provost Public Works Pager (780) 753-8213
Town of Provost Disaster Services (780) 753- 2261
Fire Department
Ambulance / Alberta Health Services
Provost Ambulance is an Advanced Life Support Service since October 20th, 2011

Contact: pat.perkins@albertahealthservices.ca

Alberta Health Services
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