Street Address Display Bylaw ADDRESS BYLAW 02-2017

Utility Bylaw UTILITY BYLAW 15-2018

Unsightly Premises Bylaw Nuisance & Unsightly Premises Bylaw 11-2019

Public Places Bylaw BYLAW 06-15

Land Use Amendment Section 3.4 Apply for Development Permit 01-2012

Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP BYLAW 09-2016

Land Use Bylaw 07-2010

Land Use Amendment Section 9.13 09-2010

Land Use Amendment Schedule “A” Land Use District Map 01-2013

Land Use Amendment “Sea Cans” 02-2012

Land Use Amendment Re-designate Land Industrial “M” to Highway Commercial “C3” 01-2011

False Alarm Amendment 05-2012

False Alarm Bylaw 07-2011

Cemetery Bylaw 10-2014

Business Licence Bylaw BUSINESS LICENSE BYLAW 10-2016

Burning Bylaw BURNING BYLAW 12-2016

Burning Bylaw Amendment 02-2009

Burning Bylaw Amendment 12-2011

Late Payment of Taxes Bylaw  LATE PAYMENT OF TAXES BYLAW 06-2016

Bylaws on this page are for reference and maybe out of date please contact the office if you need up to date bylaws.