A disaster can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Provost Emergency Management combined with other municipal departments, provincial and federal agencies will provide a prompt and coordinated response to a disaster affecting the citizens of Provost.

A disaster is an event that may result in potential harm to the safety, health or welfare of people or with potentially widespread damage to property.

What we do?
• Develop comprehensive emergency plan
• Respond to disaster situations
• Education
• Ensuring the safety of Provost and area residents
• Work with the business community and public institutions

Kurtis Klein, Director of Emergency Management
Phone: (780) 209-4289 or e-mail: dem@townofprovost.ca

David Connauton, Deputy Director
Phone: (780) 753-2261 or e-mail: cao@townofprovost.ca

Did you know that if there was an emergency and there was a need to leave your home, or if you were ordered to evacuate, the Provost Recreation & Culture Centre is the Emergency Reception Centre which is where you will be directed to go, unless otherwise notified by an emergency press release or State of Emergency release. The other very important thing to do is if you decided to leave the community on your own please stop at the Reception Centre and register your name (s) so that the community and or anyone who may be concerned about you and or your family know that you are safe.