Things to do in a power outage:
While all utilities do their very best to maintain their services, from time to time there are events that interrupt that service.

• Check with your neighbours to see if they have electricity.
• If it is a neighbourhood power outage, unplug all appliances to avoid damage from a power surge when the power is restored. Shut off all lights except one to signal the return of power. Shut off computer equipment.
• If your service has been interrupted contact FORTIS (310-9473)
• Report all downed power lines to FORTIS and 911. Remember – downed wires are live so stay away from them.
• Turn on your battery powered radio and tune it to a local radio station.
• If your home is the only one in the neighbourhood without power, the problem could be in your residence. Know the location and type of service in your home (fuse box or circuit breaker panel) and know how it works. If you do not know how to change a fuse or re-set the breaker, contact FORTIS or a professional electrician.
• Natural gas furnaces Contact ATCO for information, 1-800-511-3447.
• Be aware that food in freezers may thaw during extended power outages.
• Do not use the telephone; you may tie up the phone lines.