Organics vs. Landfill Items

Please remember items such as soiled food papers and containers (pizza boxes etc.) Cannot be in the Organic Collection. 

Please review acceptable items for both the Landfill and Organic Collections. 

Organic Collection is every Monday Until November

Regular Collection pick up is Wednesdays

All bins must be on the street by 7 am

Ready to go Green?

The Town of Provost is pleased to provide our customers with the opportunity to receive paperless billing! Eliminate the clutter of traditional paper bills by switching to our easy option for your Town of Provost utilities.

By registering for e-Billing, you can:

  • Open and view your bill as soon as it is ready
  • Download and save a copy of your bill for your records
  • Reduce your paper clutter

You can call the Town office at 780-753-2261 or email officetp@townofprovost.ca and sign up today.

Water & Sewer

The fees to provide Water, Sewer, Garbage collection and disposal are invoiced bi-monthly every second month) by the Town of Provost.  The charges (effective Jan 1, 2023) for providing these services are as follows:

  1. Water Residential– The fixed operating charge to provide the service to the property is $23.18 bi-monthly.  Water used over “0” cubic meters charged $1.75 per cubic meter consumed.
  2. Water Non– Residential —The fixed operating charge to provide the service to the property is $23.18 bi-monthly.  Water used over “0” cubic meters charged $1.75 per cubic meter consumed.
  3. Sewer- Residential– The fixed operating charge to provide sewage collection and treatment is $37.08 bi-monthly.
  4. Sewer-Non-Residential– 50% of Water consumption levy with a minimum charge of $37.08 per unit
  5. Garbage Collection – Residential– The fixed operating charge is $43 bi-monthly.
  6. Garbage Collection – Commercial– The Town does not provide commercial garbage collection. Flat fee of $15.00 per Unit Bi-Monthly.
  7. Recycling Collection– Residential- Flat rate fee of $12.00 Bi-Monthly.



Is your Water Bill Higher than Expected?

The Utility Rate Bylaw sets a base rate per cubic meter. Did you know that one cubic meter is 1,000 liters or 220 gallons?

The following gives approximate costs based on average consumption rates:


Use Unit Avg Volume (m3) Cost in Dollars 2021
Low Flow Toilet Per flush 0.007 $0.02
Standard Toilet Per flush 0.020 $0.06
Standard Bathtub Per fill 0.140 $0.41
Oversized Bathtub Per fill 0.250 $0.74
Washing Machine Per full load 0.200 $0.59
Dishwasher Per load 0.050 $0.15


(low flow head)

10 min 0.090 $0.26


(standard head)

10 min 0.275 $0.81

Lawn Sprinkler-

 low flow

Per hour 0.950 $2.79
Underground irrigation Per hour 2.720 $8.00


High Consumption? Here are possible problems:


Use Volume (m3/day) Cost per Day Cost per Month Cost per Year
Leaking Faucet- slow 0.070 $0.21 $6.30 $76.65
Leaking Faucet- steady 0.115 $0.34 $10.20 $124.10
Leaking Faucet- stream 0.450 $1.32 $39.60 $481.80
Running Toilet 2.50 $7.35 $220.50




Although a leaky toilet may seem like a minor issue, it can dramatically increase your water consumption. Checking for leaks and fixing them promptly can help lower your water consumption.


Garbage Collection & Waste

 Garbage Collection

Residential garbage is collected weekly on Wednesdays.


Garbage Preparation Tips

  1. Have your bins out before 7 a.m. on collection day.
  2. Ensure the lid on the bin is completely closed, as well ensure you have everything bagged in your waste bin, no loose material. It must be in a container to protect it from animals or birds.
  3. Keep bins 1 metre away from everything, including vehicles, trees, and post’s away from bins.

Compost Pick Up

Will begin for the season on Monday, April 15, 2024 . Running until November 4, 2024

Items in approved bags that will be removed include:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves, flowers, weeds, plants
  • Sod & soil
  • Weigh less than 50lbs

Other items that will be removed include:

  • Branches & twigs bundles and piled beside the trash cans
  • Branches & twigs too small to be bundles


Items that are NOT accepted in the compost program will not be removed and include:

  • Hazardous waste (the Recycling Roundup, held annually is available for these items)
  • Mattresses
  • Railroad ties, construction or demo materials
  • Auto parts, tires, engines, batteries, etc.
  • Plastics
  • Animal waste & pet litter
  • Rocks & stones
  • Kitchen food scraps


Bags labeled as biodegradable and oxo-degradable are also made from plastic and do not belong in compost.

Like plastic bags, these break down into small pieces of plastic that will contaminate the finished compost.



The Town of Provost undertook a recycle curbside collection pilot project. Starting February 7, 2023, The Piolot Project completed January 30th 2024.

At this time there will be NO more curbside recycling program.


2024 Garbage Collection Schedule

Click Calendar to Download / Print

Power, Gas & Telephone

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate  or https://ucahelps.alberta.ca website to compare electricity and gas prices in our area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility-related issues.

Visit energyrates.ca to compare energy rates in Alberta.  Includes energy plans and electricity and natural gas prices offered by the most popular energy retailers and regulated providers in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan



Phone: 310-4300

Website: www.epcor.ca



Direct Energy

Phone: 1-855-481-5781

Website: www.directenergy.ca


Natural Gas


Phone: 310-4300

Website: www.epcor.ca



Direct Energy

Phone: 1-855-481-5781

Website: www.directenergy.ca

Internet Providers


Phone: 1-888-811-2323

Website: www.telus.com



Phone: 1-866-390-3928

Website: www.mcsnet.ca


Local Provider

Shadow Internet

Phone: 780-753-0234

Website: www.shadowinternet.ca



Phone: 1-888-811-2373

Website: www.telus.com


Bell Mobility

Phone: 1-888- 4 MOBILE    (662453)

Website: www.bell.ca