Health Care Amenities and Wellness

In an Era where Health Care in in crisis, Provost is proud to have a strong healthcare, network, and facilities.  With 6 practicing physicians, 2 dentists and other health facilities a wide range of services are available to a catchment area of approximately 10,000 people: with 1/3 of the patients coming from Saskatchewan.



Provost Health Centre & Long Term Health Centre.

Offers Emergency Care, Acute Care, Surgical Care and Obstetrics

780-753-2291 24 Hour service

Provost Hospital

Provost Alberta Hospital


17 Acute Care beds plus 2LDRs

2 Palliative Care Suites

46 Long Term Care Beds

1 Respite bed in LTC



Provost Health Centre sees approximately 7080 Outpatient visits/year, and approximately 100 Maternity Patients/year.


GP Anesthetist an GP Surgeon available.

Minor procedures at the Physicians request 5 days/week.

Surgeries- elective C-sections, tonsillectomies, carpel tunnels, dental and vasectomies.


New anesthetic machines

Walking Epidurals

Cardiac Monitoring Capability

Ultrasound- point of care ultrasound


Fetal Monitoring

Newborn and Pediatric Mobile Telehealth for Emergency Situations to Stollery Hospital in Edmonton.


Patient Transfers: Ground Ambulance, Fixed wing (Rapid North), STARS


Referring Centres: Wainwright, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Camrose and Edmonton.

Telehealth available for Medical Staff.




Provost Medical Clinic

Non- Emergent Care


Provost Medical Clinic

Newly Constructed in 2021, 6 Physicians see patients in bright new exam rooms. The comfy sunlight waiting is welcoming to visitors.

Open 5 days a week, except statutory holidays Hours of operation are 9:30- 5pm daily.

Accessibility ramp, automatic doors, and elevator make a barrier-free visit for all patients.

The second floor is home to Provost Dental clinic and PCN network.

Public Health Facilities

Provost Mental Health Services                 780-753-2575

Provost Physiotherapy, Provost Occupational Therapy, Provost Speech Pathology & Dietician                                         780-753-6180

Community Health Services Non- Emergent                                                              780-753-2291

Provost Homecare Services                         780-753-6180


Private/ Blended Practice

Provost Dental Clinic                                  780-753-2430

5016 46 Street, Provost, AB

Provost AADAC                                                780-753-6958

5419 44 Street, Provost, AB


Footcare                                                              780-753-2271

7 Hills Physiotherapy                                   780-842-8698

5114 50 Street, Provost, AB


Provost Chiropractic Clinic                      780-753-6661

5120 50 Ave, Provost, AB


Jacobs Dental                                                  780-753-2430

4812 50 Ave, Provost, AB

The Dental Hygiene Wellness Studio    780-284-1344

5034 51 Ave, Provost, AB


Senior Care Facility

Hillcrest Lodge is an assisted living facility in Provost, AB. Hillcrest Lodge offers activities at their location for residents. These activities generally allow residents to maintain healthy lifestyles by encouraging movement and socializing with their peers.


Being able to chat with other residents becomes an important part of many peoples’ lives and Hillcrest Lodge offers common spaces indoors to support that need. The benefit of living in an assisted living community is that making meals can be costly and time-consuming process so Hillcrest Lodge provides meals for residents. As well as laundry services.

Staff is awake and available 24 hours a day so if any emergencies occur no matter the time, there will be someone ready to help. Making sure residents with diabetes monitor their insulin levels is clearly an important task and Hillcrest Lodge can help with that task. If a resident needs assistance moving from a bed to a wheelchair, this facility has staff who can help.

Primary Care Network Provost (PCN)

Located in a bright big new office on the second floor of the new Medical Clinic you can find The Provost Primary Care Network (PCN) which operates with 5 Physicians and 2 Primary Care Nurses, as well as a wonderful support Staff.

Primary Care Network Provost
Phone: 780-753-3771 or find them on Facebook and Instagram at: Provost Primary Care Network

Their Priority Initiatives are dually focused on.

  • Targeted Care
  •  Community Outreach & Health Promotions

Vision: Patients, the community, and healthcare providers working together to enable health, independence, and well-being.

Primary Care Network (PCN) is a made-in-Alberta approach to improve and better coordinate patient access to health care.

Primary Care Network Provost Targeted Care

PCNs Targeted Care Initiative focuses on the use of multidisciplinary teams to provide care targeted at various population groups. This initiative includes several programs where patients have access to a variety of team members, such as registered nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, and physicians functioning in an integrated manner, Current Programs include:


  • Home Care Case Conferences- This Initiative is to support improved patient outcomes, decrease ER visits and extend time for Clients living in the Lodge. These meetings occur monthly with a group of Professionals and other stakeholders to enhance communication and plan comprehensive senior care and services.
  • Geriatric Care Clinic- The program meets the needs of the elderly community through specialized assessments. A clinic is offered the Third Tuesday of every month at the Medical Centre with Dr. Anderson from Wainwright. The Goal of the clinic is to ensure that seniors enjoy optimal health and quality of life while remaining in the community as long as possible. The program is threefold, an evaluation is done by a Geriatric Mental Health Nurse as well as a home visit done by the Primary Care Nurse, with all information gathered available for the evaluation appointment at the Medical Clinic with Dr. Anderson. Based on all these findings, recommendations are given back to the Primary Care Physician for follow-up.
  • Risk Reduction Clinic- This Program offers one-on-one risk- reduction teaching and prevention for Cardiac Patients, Hypertensive patients, and High Cholesterol Patients. Clients are taught their numbers and the significance, and are introduced to label reading, stress reduction techniques and the importance of exercise and goal setting.
  • Cardiac Rehab Clinic- an 8- week Education/ Exercise program run concurrently based on the Edmonton General Cardiac Rehab Program. Education is provided from Edmonton Glenrose by telehealth and the exercise component is provided at a local gym by an exercise specialist. Note: During Covid this was changed to a one-one-one format which is still running as clients prefer this.
  • Diabetic Clinic-seeing new and existing client’s caseload for assessment, monitoring and treatment for their diabetes. Running one afternoon a month The Clients see a Diabetic Nurse Educator, Dietician, Pharmacist, and a Physician. There is also a Diabetic Footcare Clinic done by a qualified LPN, these clinics are Wednesdays.
  • Wound and Skin Care Clinic-Is run in collaboration with a Wound Care consultant from Camrose, the PCN and Provost Homecare. Patients referred to the clinic are seen and accessed by the Wound Care specialist and the PCN Physician and follow-up treatments are arranged as needed.  Held the second Thursday of every Month.
  • Mental Health Clinic is a Weekly clinic run by an AHS Mental Health Therapist working out of the PCN clinic. Each Patient can then see their own Doctor should the therapist request.
  • Youth Mental Health Clinic- runs with the Can Reach Trained Physician Every Second Thursday, in collaboration with AHS for therapy consults. An RN provides sessions on Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition and Lifestyle to compliment Physician appointments.
  • Pediatric Clinic- continues to be a very successful clinic that operates Monday thru Friday, there is a set time frame put aside when no appointment is needed. All physicians participate and the age group seen is newborn to 6 years old. This continues to decrease ER visits.
  • The Breathe Easy Program is an 8 Week program that consists of supervised activity in a local gym and Telehealth education sessions, which are run in collaboration with the Centre for Lung Health based out of Edmonton General. The Program is run once a year.
  • Prenatal Intake and Education- to ensure completion of the antenatal form as care continues as well as provide two appointments during the pregnancy that focus on Education around topics such as Nutrition, Prenatal classes, Pelvic Floor Physio, and a host of local resources for Mom and Toddlers.

Other Services around Chronic Disease Management PCN offers are.
IRN Management
24 hr B/P monitoring
Injection clinics for B12, Allergy, Testosterone and Methotrexate among others.
Primary Care Network Provost- Community Outreach & Health Promotion
PCN continues to be visible in the community, providing outreach to vulnerable populations and being proactive in the promotion of health in our community.

PCN attends:
• The Seniors Fair (June)
• The Childrens Fair (May)
• The Diabetic Fair

PCN participates with CLAY (Community Living and You) at events like the Color Fest Run promoting families to participate together for their fun and health. As well as regularly attending both CLAY and UNE (United Neighborhood Connections) meetings. PCN continues to support and collaboratively assist in planning association with CLAY and FCSS (Family and Community Support Services) in Programs such as
• Where is my Smile…a depression and anxiety support group.
• Inspiring Hope… A Cancer support group.
• Living well with Memory Loss and Dementia.
• Other support groups that are assisted on a request basis.

They were also involved in the Walking Trail project, a community initiative sponsored by Walkable Alberta.
PCN works closely with Parent Link, the newly developed Family Resource Network, to set up Educational Days for Pre and Post Natal Moms. There are guest speakers, such as one community physician discussing her personal journey through postpartum depression, a lactation consultant, and a sleep therapy specialist. 4 sessions a year are run. They will continue to look for opportunities to develop programs inclusive of the older age groups that are part of the FRN curriculum.

They continue to sit on the “Care Transitions Team” with memberships from LTC, Acute Care, Homecare and Ad hoc members as required to promote safe care that is effective and efficient following points of transition while maintaining person centered care. This will continue the work to build a team capacity within the community of Provost and provide vision, leadership and direction to support care transitions throughout the various care streams in the Community of Provost.
Their work also continues with the Primary Health Care IGSI (Integrated Geriatric Service Initiative).

Our community has taken a unique approach to provide Care to Seniors in the area, resulting in a development of a local community coalition that involves partners from Provost Community Health, Provost Health Centre, Mental Health, The Hillcrest Lodge and other local organizations like FCSS, CLAY and UNE. PCN supports the proposal the community coalition has submitted to deepen understanding around Community Coalitions both in the implementation and the development, as well as evaluating the impact on care and support in the community for seniors living with complex, or chronic diseases such as dementia and frailty.

PCN was able to bring the “Dementia Friendly Communities” Project in Provost in May of 2019. Speakers from the Brenda Stafford Society gave two presentations around the vision to help mobilize Communities to recognize the needs by those affected by Dementia, and to build and improve supports through Awareness and the creation of toolkits to enable and sustain Dementia Friendly Communities. From this we have started our Virtual Dementia Learning days, geared to the service people and businesses in town. To date we educate service groups including FCSS Staff, EEOC staff and Homecare support staff, they have also been able to provide this education to Businesses and have had the Local Drugstore and many retail outlets take part. Thy work will continue this year until all requesting it have been reached.

Primary Care Network Provost
Phone: 780-753-3771 or find them on Facebook and Instagram at: Provost Primary Care Network
Box 90
5016 46th Street
Provost, AB
T0B 3S0


IDA Provost Pharmacy

Monday to Saturday 9am- 6 pm


5010 50 Street, Provost, AB