The Rosenheim Historical Society celebrated their 100th Anniversary on June 4/5 2022.

A special Mass followed by a special meal took place on June 4. Special guests Father Chris Rayappan, (who represented the Archbishops office), MP Damien Kurek, Katie Bainbridge, (representing the office of MLA Nate Horner), Reeve Alan Murray and Mayor Peggy McFadyen made presentations and speeches to all who attended. Special acknowledgement was given to three long term supporters of the Church, Olga Ganser, Louise Schug and Rosemarie Biever. The banquet was sold out. The following day was well attended with baseball, entertainment and more for those who chose to support the Church. within 4 days but there are special events going to take place on Sunday such as ball games, entertainment and dinner. The Society has designed a special collectors coin that you can purchase or even a special blanket. CONGRATULATIONS to the Rosenheim Historical Society.